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3 in 1:
Measure your productive hours,
follow your yield,
trace your crates.

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Many employees picking numerous crates from large fields.
 It’s not obvious to get or even keep an
of the performances.
Nevertheless, it’s very important as is concerns a lot of money.
That is why we, One Two, provide you effortless a perfect overview.
This buys you much precious time and assures a high and constant quality


Do you often ask yourself the following questions?
What result do I get with the help of One Two?


Who was the last to go through this row?

See immediately the last activities in a specific row and know who performed these and when.

Which rows were done today?

Immediate knowledge: in which rows has been worked and which not.

What was the picking average this week?

Follow the picking average day by day.


How does it work?


In 3 simple steps, you will know your productive hours:

1. Every Row gets a badge with barcodes

On each row a badge is fixed which displays the row number and 6 most frequent activities.

2. Every picker receives a barcode scanner


Every picker receives a personal scanner. This ensures a fluent registration on every moment of the day



3.The picker scans when entering a row


With this scanner, first the row is scanned when entering the row, followed by the activity. The actions have to be repeated entering every row. This way, person, time and activity are registered. For breaks and at the end of workday, they scan the stop-barcode.

In 3 simple steps tracing of your crates and knowledge of your yield:

1. Every picker receives a booklet with tracing labels


The booklet with labels is personal and has a picking number. Every label has a unique barcode.


2. The picker labels the crates

The picker sticks a label on every crate that has been picked. This way you can trace who picked this crate.


3. The collector receives a smartphone scanner


The person who collects the strawberries and stores them in the refrigerator, will scan the crates before storage. He selects the packaging and in which greenhouse they were picked.





How much time do I need to get started?

We have prepared most matters very well, in order to make starting-up easy for you. After a training of 2 hours, most people in administration will be able to perform all common actions. For employees who work in the green houses an explanation of 10 minutes will be sufficient.

How transfer the data from the scanners into the software?

Through a connection box linked to the Internet. Up to 20 scanners can be connected to the box. Once connected, the data will be transferred and at the same time the scanner will be charged.