Woodsector - Job Registration

Do you often ask yourself the following questions :


How many hours did we work on this order ?


Who has performed this operation on this order ?


Is it possible to do post-calculation and invoicing more easily?



This is our answer to your questions :


You will receive a perfect overview of all performances from 3 points of view:






Report with total amount of hours by project, divided by operation.


Project overview with all the details.


Performed hours by employee.


2 simple steps. One Two and ready !

Easier is impossible.



When you start working, scan the project and the activity.



When the work is done, scan stop.

What preparation is needed at the office ?

No complex implementations, the necessary preparation is done in 3 simple steps.



Every employee has his own Action Tracker.



Create a barcode for every activity. An activity can be a manual action or an operation by a machine.



Create a barcode for each project.

How do you get the barcodes on the workfloor?


There are several ways to distribute the barcodes on the workfloor.


They can be printed by our Work software: a work order that contains al the necessary barcodes. This can accompany the workpiece throughout the workshop or can be used by the installers.


If a work order, plan or drawing already exists, the barcode can be applied on this document. Either direct application in our software or your can stick a label with the barcode on the document. 


The machine operations can be applied directly on the machines. This way, the operator registrers at the spot where the job is done, no time wasted.


Answers to all your questions

Do you have any questions? We are happy to assist you.

How does the Action Tracker work?

The Action Tracker has its own internal clock and is able to scan barcodes.


Each employee receives his own Action Tracker. This way, we know who scanned the barcodes. 


The data is saved on the device and can be sent by WIFI. You don't need WIFI connetion to scan, only to send the data.


The battery is being charged via USB-C and has an autonomy of 2 weeks.


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