Barcodes. For some people it is a kind of magic. But the essence of a barcode is a sequence of sings readable to a scanner. Better still, did you know there exists a font that allows you to create barcodes with nearly every kind of software.


We explain here, how you can create barcodes in various ways.

Types of barcodes

For every application a specific barcode exists and a possible standard. Online you will find sufficient information. We are only going to talk about 1D barcodes, and more specific Code39 and Code128.


How do I create barcodes ?

Online tools


Numerous free barcode generators can be found online, by which you can create any type of barcode 

An example

Barcodes by font


Barcodes of type Code39 can be created simply by installing the font. You can download this free font via this link. After the download : click on your download using the right mouse-click and choose install. After this you will notice that you can select this barcode-font in all your general software.


Be aware ! There's one condition if you use this font :

every barcode that you create has to begin and end with *
Here's an example: Ik want to create barcode 123456 with Excel. In the cell I need to insert  *123456* . Without the stars you won't be able to scan the barcode. This rule only applies to this type of font.


Change the font of this cell to the barcode font , select fontsize larger than 28. This way, you will obtain the best result to scan. An example-file can be downloaded here. First install the font before your open this document.


Print a label with barcode


Maybe you already possess a desktop labelprinter like f.i. a QL type of Brother, Dymo Labelwriter, or another type. This software has the necessary intelligence to print barcodes. Hereby an example how you can manage the lay-out of a label with barcode. In this example we use the P-Touch Editor software of Brother.

Link Excel to labelsoftware


You have an article list and you want to print labels. This is possible with the software that was deliverd with your printer. Hereby an example how to link an export-file from our Work2020 software and printing a label.

App on your smartphone for scanning


How do you know if the barcode that you have created is usable ? You can use an app on your smartphone that allows you to scan and check your barcode. Many apps exist, hereby a link to an app you can use for android and ios.